The National Pastime Baseball League was founded back in 20xx using OOTPxx with xx original teams. The league expanded to xx teams in 20xx. We have used every other OOTP version on the odd numbers up until we upgraded to OOTP20 from OOTP19. xxxxx

Here is a quick overview of NPBL:
·         OOTP20
·         Fictional players
·         No finances, scouting, or coaching system
·         Franchises are built through the Amateur Draft, Trading, and Free Agent claims of undrafted/released players or players in the NYSL Independent League
·         1-10 ratings scale, normal accuracy, stars for overall and potential rating
·         24 franchises that have 4 levels of minors plus an international complex
·         OOTP generated draft pool plus International Free Agents for combined Amateur Draft Pool
·         162-game schedule, interleague, slightly favors divisional play
·         No DH in NPBL
·         Slack and StatsPlus
·         Sim schedule: Monday-Wednesday-Friday, exports due by 8am CST, sims ran sometime between 8-11am CST, normally in-game sims of 10-11 days depended on calendar month