The National Pastime Baseball League was founded back in 2000 using OOTP 2 with 24 original teams in 2 leagues of 12 teams split into 3 divisions of 4 teams.

The league moved to 2 leagues of 12 teams split into divisions of 6 teams in 2011.

NPBL expanded by 4 teams to get to 28 total in 2027 where it went with 2 leagues of 14 teams split into divisions of 7 teams.

Before the 2043 season, NPBL opted to contract by 4 teams to get back to 24 total teams. The league voted to realign with 2 leagues of 12 teams in 1 division and the top 8 finishing teams in each league would make the playoffs.

In 2048, NPBL decided to go back to 2 leagues of 12 teams split into 2 divisions of 6 teams with the division winners plus 4 wildcards for a 6-team playoff field.

In our 80+ year history, there’s been several franchise relocations and rebrandings. There are many franchises that still have their founding team identities still in tact: North Carolina Clippers, Maryland Admirals, Pennsylvania Freedom, Massachusetts Patriots, Louisiana Blaze, Tennessee Hounds, Florida Bluefish, Wisconsin Lumberjacks, Kansas Storm, Illinois Jethawks, Washington Griffins, New Mexico Dukes.

For the 2085 Season, there are some scheduled franchise relocations with the New Jersey Shore moving to TBD, North Carolina Clippers moving into New Jersey to become the Bears, Florida Bluefish will be moving into Canada to become the Quebec TBD.

Here is a quick overview of NPBL:
·         OOTP20
·         Fictional players
·         No finances, scouting, or coaching system
·         Franchises are built through the Amateur Draft, Trading, and Free Agent claims of undrafted/released players or players in the NYSL Independent League
·         1-10 ratings scale, normal accuracy, stars for overall and potential rating
·         24 franchises that have 4 levels of minors plus an international complex
·         OOTP generated draft pool plus International Free Agents for combined Amateur Draft Pool
·         162-game schedule, no interleague, slightly favors divisional play (18 games against each division opponent, 12 games against other division of subleague opponent)
·         No DH in NPBL
·         Slack and StatsPlus
·         Sim schedule: Monday-Wednesday-Friday, exports due by 8am CST, sims ran sometime between 8-11am CST, normally in-game sims of 10-11 days depended on calendar month

NPBL 2085