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Title: Florida Draft Deep Dive 2061-2069
Post by: LT on August 22, 2018, 10:36:13 AM
The 75 for 75 thread got me interested in seeing how I have done drafting back to the 2061 season when I took over the Florida Bluefish. We have had mixed success, making the playoffs 3 times in 15 seasons, generally hovering between 75-83 wins. Three seasons below 70 wins, 4 seasons over 80 and the rest in between. No doubt that poor drafting/development has hurt the club from having a sustained run. As we sit today, Florida was eliminated from the 2076 playoffs in game 7 of the first round and the club has the 6th best farm system.

As the GM I rarely attend the draft, one might surmise that that hurts me, but based on the stats, I seem to have a lot of success with later round picks as compared to the top 3 rounds. It might suggest that I would be best to auto the whole draft. Without further ado, here goes starting with 2061.

Following a 89-63 season, Florida picked 17th. The club did not have a 4th round pick or any choices after the 5th. Presumably these were in trades I was not a part of. The selections were as follows:

1) CF - Dan Hayes, 2) C - Antonio Luna 3) P/1B - Edwin Barker 5) RF - Jaime Macias

First Round Pick Dan Hayes was a hard working player with good contact potential (7 contact), great speed and intelligence, and no power. His fielding was ok in center field. Dan Hayes won defensive awards in the low minors and showed real potential as a gap hitter, batting over .300 in A and AA. He posted >5 WAR in each season. In 2063 he was called up to AAA. He was ok for 55 games when he was called up to the big club (probably rushed). In 90 games with Florida he posted a .208/0/23 with 7 steals.

This would be the beginning of the yo-yo career of Dan Hayes. In 2064, he started in AAA where he batted over .300 and was called back up for 36 games, 7 starts where he struggled. In 2065, he only played in 50 games between AAA/NPBL. He'd spend 2066 with the big club, playing in 101 games, but only starting 10. Florida had drafted Ray Stewart (more on him in the 2064 draft review) and that really marked the end of the Dan Hayes era. In 2067, again he bounced between the AAA/NPBL barely playing. In 2068 he had a great run in AAA and was very good in the short time he played with Florida. He was released on 4/1/69.

Hayes would finish his career in Hawaii, playing quite a bit in 2069 and 2070. He retired in 2075 with 502 hits and a lifetime WAR or 0.2.

Second Round Pick Catcher Antonio Luna had a brief cup of coffee with Florida after 7 minor league seasons before moving onto Louisiana. His path was blocked by some good catchers in the Florida system.

Third Round Pick Pitcher/First Baseman Edwin Barker had 2 decent minor league seasons before being released and has been in the IND league ever since.

Fifth Round Pick RF Jaime Macias Had a strong Minor league career before being called up to Florida in 2064. He looked like a potential draft day steal as he batter .275 in 292 AB. He bounced between AAA and NPBL due to inconsistent performances in 2065 and 2066. In 2067 he had a huge AAA season and got his final look in Florida. He lingered in AAA for 2 more years before being released to the IND league. Hawaii picked him up for a quick look in 2073. Macias retired n 2075.

Overall Grade: F - In retrospect we should have kept Hayes in AAA for a full season. Not sure he would have been a star but I think we stunted his growth by rushing him to the majors. The other 3 guys were non factors. Terrible first draft for the new guy.
Title: Florida Draft Deep Dive 2062
Post by: LT on August 22, 2018, 11:16:17 AM
After a ho hum 74-88 season Florida drafted 11th in 2062. A little wheeling and dealing landed Florida 2 third rounders, cost the club its 4th and again no pick after the 5th round.

1) P - Juan Machado, 2)1B George Keys, 3a) 2B Kyle Hutchinson 3b)3B Wilbur Curtis 4) 3B Michael Lane 5)C Vern Barnes

First Round pitcher Juan Machado looked like a star coming out of the draft. A 10-10 season at A ball, a gold glove award and the future looked bright. BUt on 8/2/62 he suffered a horrible elbow injury that set him back 13 months. In March of 2063, half way through his rehab, he suffered a 9 month setback. Juan never really recovered from that 16 months out injured. Most noticeably, his control suffered. He made a great return in 2064, going 10-5 at AAA and earning a NPBL promotion where he struggled 1-6 4.74 in 10 starts. He came back in 2065 as the closer and recorded 24 saves, but was very wild walked 39 in under 50 IP. He closed in 2066 as well, lowering his ERA, but it was clear he was a shell of his former self. Machado made one more NPBL appearance for Florida in 2068 and lingered in the Florida system for 3 more years before being released in 2072.

He was signed by Maryland and bounced between AAA and NPBL for a couple years before being released in 2075.

Second rounder 1B George Keys was average from the get go. 2 decent years at A ball and then a couple years at AA then was released. HCurtise has been in the IND since.

Third Rounders 2B Hutchingson and 3B Curtis. Hutch, 'The Ace of Diamonds' played 7 minor league seasons before being released. He has been in Hawaii's system ever since. Curtis reached the majors as a 24 year old and had some success for Florida. He accumulated 5.0 WAR and hit around 20 homeruns before being traded to Virginia in 2069. He hit a career high 20 homeruns a couple years later for Virginia. He still plays for the Grays.

Fourth Rounder 3B Michael Lane had a total of 49 at bats for Florida before being released in 2066.

Fifth Rounder C Vern Barnes was always caught in a number game in Florida. 8 nondescript years in the minors and Vern was released. He has made around 200 game appearances for Hawaii. Vern was a victim of a few years where Florida was loaded with catching prospects and never really got a chance.

Overall Grade D-. Bad luck caused 1st rounder Machado's career to be derailed. He was able to salvage some of it, but never reach his potential. The rest of the draft was meh at best, with Curtis leading the way with 17 WAR.
Title: Re: Florida Draft Deep Dive 2061-2075
Post by: chicoruiz on August 22, 2018, 12:12:26 PM
I count four of the guys mentioned here who were considered disappointments and ended up playing in Hawaii.  Which tells you all you need to know about the last few years of my franchise😉
Title: Re: Florida Draft Deep Dive 2061-2075
Post by: LT on August 23, 2018, 04:24:18 AM
I count four of the guys mentioned here who were considered disappointments and ended up playing in Hawaii.  Which tells you all you need to know about the last few years of my franchise😉

I noticed you picked up a bunch of the guys I let go. Some were decent players I had no room for them, some I gave up on.
Title: Re: Florida Draft Deep Dive 2063
Post by: LT on August 23, 2018, 04:51:08 AM
Following a bounce back 82-80 season in Florida, the Bluefish picked 11th in the 2063 draft. This draft Florida only had 3 selections, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounds. The results and analysis below.

1) SP - Eric Reece, 2) SS - Tex Rauch, 3) CF - Augusto Acevedo

First round pick Eric Reece has been a starter in Florida's rotation since his debut season in 2064. Reece rocketed through the system playing in A, AA, and AAA in his first professional season having moderate success at each level. As a 21 year old he was certainly hurried through the organization. In 2064 he made his NPBL debut. A rough rookie season saw him go 6-10 with a 5.34 ERA. In 151 innings he walked 76 and struck out only 41. As the club rebuilt, he came out of that season and showed dramatic improvement in 2065. Since 2066, Reece has only had one season with an ERA above 4. He made he lone All Star appearance in 2067 and he finished that season 17-6  with a 2.46 ERA. Reece has been MVP of the 2067 Q Finals series and MVP of the 2071 Semi finals.

Now at age 35 he sits at a career record of 140-142 with a 3.62 ERA. He has started every appearance in his NPBL career, 440 starts covering 2555 innings. A fan favorite, he sports excellent control and a plus fastball. Reece is 6th all time in wins for Florida, 9th in WAR, 5th in games started, 6th in innings pitched, and is 90 strikeouts short of 10th place.

Second rounder SS Tex Rauch can be considered a bust. A sweet swinging slick fielding High Schooler, Rauch ripped Rookie ball and A ball as an 18 and 19 year old. He skipped AA and played 2 successful seasons at AAA, accumulating 5.0 WAR. He made the Bluefish September roster as a 21 year old and was 0-1. As a 22 year old Rauch saw action in 116 games, 72 starts and posted a 1.1 WAR. Sadly by 2068 he was released by Florida and went to play in the IND league.

Third Round pick CF Augusto Acevado played his first 4 years in the minors and finally got a cup of coffee as an injury replacement in 2067. He got into 14 games, making 3 starts. He was 4-12 and was sent back down for further seasoning. He never returned to NPBL and retired in 2075.

Overall Grade C+ - Reece was a good pick and has accumulate > 33 WAR in his career. In 8 of his 13 seasons he has gotten 10 or more wins, kept his ERA down, and has been a steady member of the rotation and community in Florida. The other 2 picks had minimal or no impact and faded away.
Title: Re: Florida Draft Deep Dive 2061-2075
Post by: MassGM on August 23, 2018, 05:40:27 AM
Nice writeup!  Kinda rough to start (2061-2063), but 2064 - 2068 are much better.
Title: Re: Florida Draft Deep Dive 2064
Post by: LT on August 23, 2018, 05:53:31 AM
2064, following a 66-96 season Florida picked 3rd. This was the first of 2 years in a row where the Bluefish would pick in the top 3.

1)   CF Ray Stewart, 2) LF  Jose Castro, 3) 1B Johnny Maddox, 4a) SS Walt Shewman, 4b)RP – Troy Scott, 6) CL Allan Miller

First round pick Ray Stewart was a stud CF. He was chosen 3rd in the 2064 draft and due to a dearth of talent on the 2064 squad experienced a meteoric rise to the NPBL. After just 64 minor league games at A, AA, AAA Ray was called up to become the starting CF in Florida. He would hold that position for an interesting 10 year ride in which he accumulated 50.2 WAR, 5 all star appearances, a platinum slugger award, and a Zachary Matthews award.
In 87 games as a 20 year old Ray showed plenty of potential, accumulating 1.9 WAR. He started to show his potential in 2065, posting 3.8 WAR with 14 HR, 81 RBI, 15 steals. His 2066 season featured the platinum stick award, a 5.1 WAR, and career highs in games played, at bats, hits, doubles, RBI, and Steals.
In 2067, Stewart came out looking to be the MVP and lead Florida to a special season. IN 110 games he hit .356-16-66 with 16 steals and an incredible 7.9 WAR. Then on 8/11/67 he broke his kneecap and started a streak of injuries that never ended. This injury prevented him from a potential 10 WAR season and while Florida made the playoffs with 85 wins, they did little in the postseason.
In 2068 he would miss another 50+ games with an Oblique strain and a triceps problem. He managed 4.9 WAR that year.
2069, 6.8 WAR missed 18 games with an elbow injury.
2070, 7.3 WAR, missed 30 games with rib and oblique injuries
2071, a healthy season, 6.4 WAR. Only missed a week of playing time.
2072, start of his decline. Missed another 50 games due to shoulder problems. Still posted a 4.0 WAR.
2073, missed 45 games and had a 2.5 WAR.
2074, worst season of his career, hit under .200.
Released in 2075 and currently in Virginia’s system.
In 1410 games with Florida, Stewart amassed 1400+ hits, 219 doubles, 20 triples, 160+ HR, 137 stolen bases, and a lot of time on the DL.
Castro, Maddox, and Shewman had no impact with Castro being the only one who played a few games with Florida. Scott was dealt in 2066 for closer Roger Berry who was at the end of his career, but still posted 85 saves over 3 seasons for Florida. Allan Miller never got out of AA.

Overall Grade B – Stewart was a star and could have been a HOF player if not for the myriad of injuries that rendered him into a replacement player by age 29. He is the best drafted Blouefish position player since I took over. The rest of the players in this draft were non factors, but Scott was a key piece in a trade that helped the Bluefish make the playoffs.
Title: Re: Florida Draft Deep Dive 2061-2075
Post by: jeheinz72 on August 23, 2018, 07:27:44 AM
Love this, I may have to copy it from ya. Where are you getting the draft histories?
Title: Re: Florida Draft Deep Dive 2061-2075
Post by: MassGM on August 23, 2018, 07:38:36 AM
Love this, I may have to copy it from ya. Where are you getting the draft histories?

I have some draft history I can get you if you like.  I compiled all the rounds 1-4, as far as what team made the selection.  From there, I don't have every player that was drafted, but I have anybody who was anybody.
Title: Re: Florida Draft Deep Dive 2061-2075
Post by: MassGM on August 23, 2018, 07:46:14 AM
Love this, I may have to copy it from ya. Where are you getting the draft histories?

I have some draft history I can get you if you like.  I compiled all the rounds 1-4, as far as what team made the selection.  From there, I don't have every player that was drafted, but I have anybody who was anybody.

Are you able to access this in Google Drive (  (There will be a bit of spoilers for 75 for 75 pitcher rankings that haven't been revealed yet).

If the access works and anyone else wants their draft history, just let me know.
Title: Re: Florida Draft Deep Dive 2061-2075
Post by: LT on August 23, 2018, 08:26:26 AM
Love this, I may have to copy it from ya. Where are you getting the draft histories?

I am using the game, team history, draft - then digging into the players details. I started using statslab, but didn't see a way to break down by team. I would like to revisit this once I get through the 2070 season (no real value in rating the last 5 drafts yet) and comparison shop to see who I could have had instead of my ugly picks.

Title: Re: Florida Draft Deep Dive 2065
Post by: LT on August 23, 2018, 11:24:03 AM
57-105, yikes the rebuld in full force. The horrendous 2064 season allowed Florida to pick 2nd overall. It would be 10 years before the Bluefish won less than 70 games again.

1)   SP Wayne Lopez, 1b) Frank Bray, 2) SS Shannon Moran, 3) RP Tony Gomez, 4) C Jim James, 5) C Chris Stelfox, 6) 1B Julio Cruz
First round pick Wayne Lopez, a left handed starting pitcher with devastating stuff taken #2 overall. This was either a horribly overrated prospect or a severe error in development.
After posting a 4-7 2.24 ERA at rookie league in 17 starts (2.6 WAR) Lopez was promoted to A ball. He wasn’t ready and struggled in 14 starts 5-9 4.92 ERA. Key performance indicators dropped – BB/9 was 2.7 at rookie ball and K/9 was 8.1. In A ball, BB/9 skyrockets to 4.4 and K/9 dropped to 4.7. Following the season his potential dropped like a stone. His potential went from 9 stuff, 7 movement and 8 control to 7, 6, 4 in 18 months.

In 2066, in A ball, 11 more starts, 2-6 5.57 ERA. But the drunken GM promoted him to AA. Incredibly, he posted a 6-7 3.38 ERA in 19 starts at AA. His BB/9 was 4.5 but the K/9 reached almost 6. Might he have found some of that potential back at age 20?

Following the success in AA, Lopez was promoted to AAA where despite a 12-10 record his control was disastrous – his BB/9 was a whopping 6.6 and his K/9 was 6.1. Those struggles earned him a demotion back to AA in 2068. Following 4 wild starts in AA, he was promoted back to AAA, but this time as a reliever. In fact he wouldn’t start another game until 2071.

As a reliever in 2068, in AAA Lopez suffered through his worst struggles, netting a -0.7 WAR.  At 22, the GM had accepted that Lopez was likely a bust and offered him a meaningless September call up – mostly to give him an inning of NPBL ball and guarantee, even in a losing season that Lopez would at least pitch in the big leagues.

Lopez spent the 69, and 70 seasons in AAA as a reliever. His ERA was steady in the low-mid 3s, and late in the 2070 season he earned a call up where he was strong in 11 innings. This gave him a shot at being on the 2071 Florida roster – and in 6 appearances, 4 starts, Lopez was actually decent when injury struck, ending his season, and possibly his career.

He fully recovered and spend much of 2072 in AAA, appearing in just 7 games in the big leagues. In 2073, he was on fire in AAA and earned a call up. He made 29 appearances, including 16 starts and things were looking up. Management knew Lopez could be a starter/reliever who could fill any role. Would the results be perfect? No, but definitely serviceable. In 2074 he struggled and bounced between AAA and NPBL. So back to AAA to start 2075. He was recalled and was solid out of the pen in 14 outings.

Amazingly he gained some control and stuff ratings at age 29 and while he started the 2076 year in AAA in a numbers crunch, an early injury to Alberto German allowed Lopez to get recalled and
he delivered.  7-8 3.66 ERA and his BB/9 dropped to 2.8. Could we be seeing a guy who just figured it out at age 30? The career numbers thus far are pitiful for the one time #2 overall pick, 100 games, 40 starts, 12-20 record and 0.7 career WAR. Florida has several young pitchers who are close to pushing for starting roles, so we will see what happens in 2077 and beyond, but Lopez has a chance to salvage what was once a promising career.

The second first rounder that year C Frank Bray has had far more success in his career. Bray spent 3 seasons in the minors before being called up to the big club. Bray started slowly in 2069 sharing catching duties with Francisco Bautista, but he wrestled the job from Bautista in 2070 and has held it ever since.

Bray is a 2 time allstar (‘75 and ‘76), a 2074 Zachary Matthews award winner and a 2076 batting champ. He has posted 32.0 WAR in a little over 1000 games. Bray has eclipsed 1000 hits, 100 home runs, and 500 RBI. His 6.4 WAR in 2076 was a career high. At 29 he is still productive and a key part of the Bluefish present and future.

In the second round SS Shannon Moran was selected. Moran did well in the minors and after 2 seasons was in the big leagues – he was a part time player at SS and only had one very productive season with 3.0 WAR in 114 games. He was returned to AAA in 2071 and never played in the bigs again, retiring in 2075.

Third round pick RP Tony Gomez was mostly overlooked in the minors and only garnered 2.2 innings in the NPBL. He had decent stuff, and 3 ok pitches but never broke through. He retired in 2075.

Fourth Round C Jim James lived his  minor league career stuck in a numbers game – too many catchers in our system. As such he made 54 at bats in 2075 and was released.

Fifth Round C Chris Stelfox has been a clear steal of this draft. Also caught in a numbers game Stelfox was traded to Idaho in a terrible deal for Florida, netting only a 3rd round pick and a marginal utility player, Neil Colyer-who for some unknown reason wore #60. It makes me feel better knowing I gave him a chance to play instead of rotting behind Bray, but I clearly didn’t get enough in return for him.

Stelfox is a 3 time all star, one time platinum stick winner, 2 time NPBL champ and has posted 41 WAR through the 2076 season.

Sixth Round pick 1B Julio Cruz was a mishandled prospect. He was scarcely used in the minors until 2071 when he posted .306-18-91 in AAA. His late season callup in 2070, 0-4 must have motivated him for the 2071 season. Once again he was called up late and was 0-3.

Overall Grade B Getting 2 all star catchers and a serviceable pitcher who may end up with a 200 appearance career is solid. The grade would be an A- had Lopez not been the 2nd overall pick.
Title: Re: Florida Draft Deep Dive 2061-2075
Post by: yuda on August 23, 2018, 11:37:14 AM
Love this, I may have to copy it from ya. Where are you getting the draft histories?

I have some draft history I can get you if you like.  I compiled all the rounds 1-4, as far as what team made the selection.  From there, I don't have every player that was drafted, but I have anybody who was anybody.

I'd take a copy of this for Virginia if it's handy. My email is [firstname] at [lastname] dot org (it's a google acct so sharing within drive should work).
Title: Re: Florida Draft Deep Dive 2061-2075
Post by: MassGM on August 23, 2018, 12:19:32 PM
Love this, I may have to copy it from ya. Where are you getting the draft histories?

I have some draft history I can get you if you like.  I compiled all the rounds 1-4, as far as what team made the selection.  From there, I don't have every player that was drafted, but I have anybody who was anybody.

I'd take a copy of this for Virginia if it's handy. My email is [firstname] at [lastname] dot org (it's a google acct so sharing within drive should work).

Sure.  File uploaded!

I made the whole folder viewable by anyone who has the link (  You should be able to access it already, but if something's not working, let me know and do a direct share to your email.
Title: Re: Florida Draft Deep Dive 2061-2075
Post by: MassGM on August 23, 2018, 12:25:48 PM
Guessing that Brian (Colorado) will want his too, so I uploaded that one as well.
Title: Re: Florida Draft Deep Dive 2066
Post by: LT on August 23, 2018, 12:32:18 PM
An 18 game improvement from 57 to 75 wins put Florida in position to pick 8th in the 2066 draft. This draft has proven to be quite strong with several elite performers from all rounds 1-6. As we will see this draft was quite productive for Florida including the selection of potentially the franchises greatest starter, certainly the best of the past 50 years. Additionally two solid relievers were acquired in this draft. As usual a dud or two can be found.

1)   SP Gordon Cunningham, 2) P - Ramon Van Des Bas, 3) SS Steve Coppard, 4) Jose Perez, 5) P Michael Arthus, 6) Alberto Martinez

First Round pick SP Gordon Cunningham was chosen 8th overall. Cunningham is in the conversation for most dominant left handed pitcher and overall starting pitcher in the last 20 years. A 5 time allstar, 2073 Jim Yates award winner and 2071 league semi finals MVP, Cunningham is on his way to rewriting Floridas record book.

At age 29 he is 115-71 2.75 ERA. He has pitched 18 complete games and has 8 shutouts. He also has pitched 3 no hitters. He has pitched 1881 innings and has recorded 1784 strikeouts. He has 49.2 WAR and has lead the league in WAR 3 times, innings pitched twice, strikeouts 3 times and was second in strikeouts 3 times. He has posted a top 7 ERA each of the last 7 seasons, leading the league in 2076.  First in WHIP 3 times, and BABIP twice. He has finished first in runners allowed per nine each of the last two seasons (2075 and 2076). Cunningham has been 1st or 2nd in hits allowed per 9 each of the last 6 seasons. What more can we say about this player.

On Florida’s leaderboard he ranks 2nd in ERA, 3rd in winning percentage, 4th in WAR, 8th in CG, 3rd in shutouts, 4th in strikeouts, and the list goes on.
Cunningham is a rare example of someone I was patient with, He was 2-15 5.72 in A ball. His BB/K ratio was abysmal 72-41. Luckily I kept him in A for another half season where he improved dramatically. His AA stats were poor in 2067, but strong in 2068. He spent most of the balance of 2068 in AAA with mixed results, but in his September call up in 2068 was lights out. The rest is history.

Second rounder Ramon Van Der Bas has had an injury filled career. Three years in rookie ball, 3 more at A ball before a quick run through AA and AAA to the big leagues. VDB had a solid 2071 in Florida but got caught in the numbers before returning to the bullpen for good in 2074.

Third round SS Steve Coppard never developed and had a few short stints in NPBL.

Fourth Round RP Jose Perez began his career as a starter. Following a devastating injury in 2068 he returned as a closer. He has accumulated 201 saves since 2070, including a league leading 50 in 2076. He has had some weird usage over the years especially in 2074 when he appeared only 41 games.

Fifth RoundSP Michael Arthur has been in the minors since his draft. In 2076 he had 13-4 record in AAA with 3.48 ERA and may push for a big league job in 2077.

Sixth rounder Alberto Martinez has spent most of his career in the minors and it figures to stay that way.

Overall Grade A. Barring injury, Cunningham is on his way to the HOF. That alone makes any draft successful, but sprinkle in a solid closer and a 27 year old reliever with over 100 appearances and a 28 year old with good stuff who is ready to break in, this was one successful draft.

Title: Re: Florida Draft Deep Dive 2061-2075
Post by: Y0DA55 on August 26, 2018, 05:03:02 PM
Guessing that Brian (Colorado) will want his too, so I uploaded that one as well.

I do.  Thanks!
Title: Re: Florida Draft Deep Dive 2067
Post by: LT on March 01, 2019, 12:13:38 PM
Following a second 75-87 (pythag of -7) Florida picked 8th again. This draft was solid overall with a 3 time all star 3B, a solid LF and some relief pitching help.

1) 3B Bill Coleman 2) LF - Walt Sloan 3) RP - Lee Griffith 4) C - Ricardo Ortega 5) C Jason Stocks 6) 3B Colton Sim 7) CL Nelson Chavez 8) RP Brian Walker 9) RP Ed Wilson

First rounder 3B Bill Coleman has had a solid career. Over 50 WAR at age 32, was probably traded prematurely by Florida. Coleman wasted no time joining the Florida club in 2067. He saw some success in his 5 years in the south eastern US. He made the all star team as a 22 year old in 2068. His career stagnated until he was dealt in 2073. He has since made 2 more all star teams and has had a nice career. Recently dealt to Maryland. Interestingly Florida never properly replaced him and the search for a great 3B continues today (2078).

Second round pick LF Walt Sloan has quietly had a nice career.  A one time allstar, Sloan has over 1000 hits and almost 200 steals in his career.  He has accumulated 12.8 WAR but has been relegated to a backup role in 2078 (and likely beyond).

Third Rounder RP Lee Griffith made 217 big league appearances. Injuries have derailed his career and he had not made a NPBL appearance since 2075 and retired after last season (2077).

Other picks 4th rounder C Ricardo Ortega has made almost 200 appearances, mostly as a backup catcher/defensive replacement. Sixth rounder 3B Colton Sim was part of the 3B 'solution' for 2 brief, ineffective seasons. Ninth round pick RP Ed Wilson surprised everyone and made 113 relief appearances. He is back in AAA.

Overall Grade B-. Coleman has had a very good career playing both 3B and SS. Sloan has provided over 1000 games in LF. The surprise was 9th rounder Wilson who got into 3-4 seasons as a solid middle reliever. Catcher Ortega was a solid backup C.
Title: Re: Florida Draft Deep Dive 2068
Post by: LT on March 01, 2019, 01:06:31 PM
Coming off a playoff appearance in 2067, the 2068 draft had Florida picking 16th. A ten pick draft featured a 1st round bust, a solid 3rd round choice and 3 excellent late round picks. Overall an interesting draft for Florida.

1) 1B Jason Jackson 2) RF Gerard Washington 3a) SP Ed O'Neal 3b)CF Felipe Ramirez 4) 1B Richard Shannon 5)CF Doug Valdez 7) 2B Stefan Buurmann 8) RP - Tim Sweetapple 9) SS Ronald Snyder 10) Robinson Lopez

First Round pick 1B Jason Jackson debuted in 2070. The young 1B showed some promise in half a season. He built on that promise as a 21 year old but an injury cut his season short (109 games). In 2072 he struggled and then suffered another injury. He was returned to AAA in 2073 and then dealt to Hawaii, where in 2074 he had his only complete season of his career.  He has bounced between pitching and positional play since then. Funny enough he was dealt for a 3B who was trying to fill the void left by the Bill Coleman trade. Juan Rivera has not been the answer.

Second rounder Gerard Washington was all hit no field and no HR power. After hitting .315 in AA, 20 year old Washington came up to Florida and continued to hit singles and doubles. As a 21 year old, he hit .332 with 38 doubles, but horrendous fielding limited his WAR at 1.1. He hit over .300 in 2073 and his peak season in 2074 .317/15/74, but defensive problems in the outfield put Florida's management in a tough spot. Washington was a clear DH in a league without that option.  After posting a -0.8 WAR in 2075 Washington was sent back to the minors where he plays today.

Third round pick SP O'Neal was traded away for another young pitcher Salvador Olivas, who has had a forgettable career. O'Neal has been a solid reliever.

The second third rounder Felipe Ramirez has speed and excellent defensive capabilities. Injuries have kept him down. He debuted at 20 but made his first impact at 22 in 2074 posting a 3.7 WAR in a platoon role. 2.9 WAR and 2.4 WAR seasons followed, but injuries made him unreliable as an everyday player. He is currently the first CF call up from AAA should injuries arise.

Shannon, Valdez, and Buurmann have had 0 impact in NPBL.

Eighth Rounder Tim Sweetapple has been a solid left handed relief pitcher  since 2074, making 175 appearances, including a career high 60 in 2078.

Ninth Rounder Ronald Snyder burst out of nowhere with a 7.1 WAR season as a 22 year old rookie. Blessed with tremendous defensive skill at SS and a tremendous eye at the plate Snyder started well in 2073, but was traded as Florida made a decision to replenish their farm system. With Maryland he has been good, but never built on those first 2 seasons. He has won 4 gold gloves and continues to be a defensive star.

Tenth Round pick Robinson Lopez has been a late bloomer at Catcher.  A tremendous leader and defensive catcher, Lopez came out of nowhere in 2077, at age 26 to be the backup to Frank Bray. He looked like he would take over starting duties when a sever hip injury sidelined him and his future is in doubt.

Overall Grade C+. Jackson was rushed to the bigs and never reached his immense potential. Washington never learned to be even a bad defender and his lack of skills on the field superseded his excellent offensive abilities. When you hit on picks 8, 9, 10 and get productive players you have to be happy, but one wonders what could have been.
Title: Re: Florida Draft Deep Dive 2069
Post by: LT on March 01, 2019, 01:20:35 PM
A 79-83 record in 2068 provided Florida with the 11th overall pick in what looks like a disastrous draft class for most. In 10 years since this draft only 3 players have produced 20 WAR or better. Florida accumulated one of the worst draft classes I can recall in this draft.

1) SP - Aldemar Bica 2) RP - Connor Gilbert 3) SP Walter Gross 4) C Fernando Mendoza 5) SP Dale Clark 6) LF Tom Richardson 8) RP Richard Cabrera 9) 2B Carlos Guaracho 10) C Ben Davis

First rounder Aldemar Bica has had one good season since he made his debut in 2074, posting a 12-11 record in 2076 and 2.5 WAR. He is a decent relief pitcher and perhaps a 5th starter.

Gilbert never made is above AA and was released in 2078. Walter Gross may get a shot in the bullpen in 2079. He has bounced between AA and AAA the past few seasons. Dale Clark has great stuff but poor movement and poor control and has been smacked around the yard in limited NPBL duty. There is nothing to say about the rest.

Overall Grade D-. Bica may still prove to be a useful starter, as long time starter Eric Reece winds down his long career. But at 27, with only 21 career wins, it is not likely we will look back and say we jumped the gun on this evaluation. If not for him, this grade is an F. If Gross or Clark manage to provide some help in the BP maybe we will revisit and say this draft was a C-/D+.