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Remembering Colorado Players on the Ballot
« on: December 20, 2016, 09:23:29 AM »
I thought it would be fun to to steal Yudas idea and post what I can remember about the 14 players on the HOF ballot who played for Colorado.  Please excuse the homer picks for the hall.

Eric Cline - RF
2-Time Colorado Rams MVP
Just a very steady player.  Started somewhere for me for 12 years.

I voted yes.

Evan Dixon - 1B
3-Time Colorado Rams MVP
Was a monster for a while.  This was about the time when I was making the best Rams team of the first 50 years.  He Rookie of the Year and then later on won the MVP.  Then he got injured the following spring and was never the same guy.

I voted yes.

Roberto Garcia - LF
Another solid bat, but was overshadowed by some of the other bats in my outfield.

I voted a very homer yes.

Robinson Gonzalez - CF
4-Time Colorado Rams MVP
Another of my boom and bust guys.  He was SO good for a while there.  And then he fell off a cliff.


Jing-bo Kan - 3B
I remember him being good, and then I traded him and he had some great years.  My team was starting to suck, and I needed the prospects.

Yes (I told you... total homer)

Ron Moore - C
3-Time Colorado Rams MVP
For those of you who have played this game a while, it is so nice to have a catcher who is both good and durable.  He was the best catcher this team has ever had.

Apparently, I didn't vote for him and I can't change my votes (I tried).  But I would.  He compares very favorably with some of the others that got votes.

Joshua Rivers - 2B
He had some good years as a second basement for us and I was sad to trade him.

He's a no for the Hall though.  He never lived up to his potential as the 5th pick.

Ridge Carrillo - SP
Had some good years.  Would never in a million years vote for him for the hall.

Absolutely not!

Gustavo Jiminez - RP
Solid reliever.  One great year as a starter.


Li-xue Ju - SP
I traded for him from New Jersey as I needed starting pitching.  He was solid, but unspectacular.  The sad part is who I gave up to get him (who I just looked up right now  :(): Mitsuoki Rin (2,999 hits), Armando Monje (190 Wins), and a 1st round pick (who turned into Nolan Green - who didn't do too much).


Adrian King] - RP
A decent part of my bullpen.


Justin McCullough - SP
1-Time Colorado Rams MVP
Always wanted him to be my ace, but he very rarely threw like one.  Good player, but a no for the hall.


Eric Mercer - SP
I honestly don't really remember having this guy.  I do vaguely remember my trade with New Jersey.

No.  Our bad luck with pitching continues.

Francisco Rangel - RP
Decent reliever.  Had some great years with the team.  The thing that I most remember him for is that we had another guy on the team named Rangel, []Luis Rangel[/url], and I had a really difficult time telling them apart.

No for the Hall.

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Re: Remembering Colorado Players on the Ballot
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2016, 02:56:00 PM »
This kind of stuff is always fun. I definitely remember Cline and Dixon.

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Re: Remembering Colorado Players on the Ballot
« Reply #2 on: December 20, 2016, 02:56:30 PM »
I loved Jing-Bo Kan. Mainly because his name was Jing-Bo. That and his being pretty awesome for me in the short time I had him