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General Discussion / 2053 Playoff Thread
« on: August 23, 2013, 08:25:56 AM »
League Quarterfinals:

Founding Fathers League:

3. Massachusetts-2 v 6. Tennessee-4
Game 1: @MA-6, TN-3
Game 2: TN-3, @MA-1
Game 3: @TN-4, MA-3
Game 4: MA-19, @TN-2
Game 5: @TN-3, MA-1
Game 6: TN-8, @MA-2
    4. North Carolina-2 v 5. Maryland-4
Game 1: @NC-6, MD-1
Game 2: MD-6, @NC-1
Game 3: NC-6, @MD-6
Game 4: @MD-5, NC-3
Game 5: @MD-16, NC-1
Game 6: MD-5, @NC-2
Great Explorers League:

3. Kansas-4 v 6. Minnesota-0
Game 1: @KS-9, MN-2
Game 2: @KS-5, MN-2
Game 3: KS-6, @MN-5
Game 4: KS-8, @MN-3
    4 New Mexico-4 v 5. Nevada-2
Game 1: NV-6, @NM-3
Game 2: @NM-5, NV-4
Game 3: NM-5, @NV-0
Game 4: NM-8, @NV-0
Game 5: @NV-3, NM-2
Game 6: @NM-6, NM-5

League Semifinals:

Founding Fathers League:
1. Virginia-2 v 6. Tennessee-3
Game 1: @VA-11, TN-2
Game 2: TN-8, @VA-6
Game 3: @TN-11, VA-1
Game 4: @TN-5, VA-0
Game 5: VA-3, @TN-1
Game 6: TN @ VA
Game 7: TN @ VA (if necessary)
    2. Illinois-2 v 5. Maryland-3
Game 1: MD-4, @IL-3
Game 2: @IL-9, MD-1
Game 3: @MD-11, IL-7
Game 4: IL-11, @MD-5
Game 5: @MD-6, IL-4
Game 6: MD @ IL
Game 7: MD @ IL (if necessary)
Great Explorers League:
1. Wisconsin-3 v 4. New Mexico-2
Game 1: @WI-8, NM-6
Game 2: @WI-11, NM-0
Game 3: WI-8, @NM-3
Game 4: @NM-6, WI-5
Game 5: @NM-16, WI-9
Game 6: NM @ WI
Game 7: NM @ WI (if necessary)
    2. Hawaii-1 v 3. Kansas-4
Game 1: KS-6, @HI-3
Game 2: @HI-5, KS-3
Game 3: @KS-2, HI-0
Game 4: @KS-8, HI-7
Game 5: @KS-5, HI-4

League Championship Series

Founding Fathers CS
Game 1: TBD
Game 2: TBD
Game 3: TBD
Game 4: TBD
Game 5: TBD (if necessary)
Game 6: TBD (if necessary)
Game 7: TBD (if necessary)
        Great Explorers CS
Kansas v TBD
Game 1: TBD
Game 2: TBD
Game 3: TBD
Game 4: TBD
Game 5: TBD (if necessary)
Game 6: TBD (if necessary)
Game 7: TBD (if necessary)


Game 1: TBD
Game 2: TBD
Game 3: TBD
Game 4: TBD
Game 5: TBD (if necessary)
Game 6: TBD (if necessary)
Game 7: TBD (if necessary)

Sim Instructions / Hawaii 2053
« on: July 21, 2013, 09:41:26 AM »
I made the following change myself, but I also made them last sim and they didn't take. So just to make sure:

Check if Cody Morris is active and playing center field. If he is, then everything took, and you can ignore the rest of this.

Demote Nelson Galvan from major leagues to AAA. In my game he did this without complaint. If he does complain when you try, do Lozano instead. If both complain, do Fowlkes instead.

Activate Cody Morris from disabled list to major leagues.
Activate Luis Vasquez from disabled list to AAA.
Activate Francisco Cuevas from disabled list to RL.

Ask AI to set up complete minor league system (should result in four minor leaguers on the disabled list).
Ask bench coach for all lineups and depth charts.

Team Press Releases / Hawaii 2053
« on: July 10, 2013, 04:51:12 AM »
Hawaii Prepares To Inaugurate New Stadium

From the old Kula Sox stadium with its view of Diamond Head to its new stadium made of diamond, it's a 22 mile drive. It takes maybe 40 minutes if traffic is light on I-H1. That doesn't mean that it was easy for the Kula Sox to move from one home to another. Their relocation was delayed a year by their contract with Hooks West Field, and further complicated by threats of a lawsuit filed on behalf of the city of Honolulu. They arrive at their new home already in a contract dispute with the city of Waipahu about the presence of the AA North Shore Kahunas on the opposite end of the island. However, tonight all of those concerns are gone as the Kula Sox prepare for their first game in their new stadium.

Even within the season, it's been a wait. The Kula Sox were sent on a long season-opening trip to the mainland to allow for any last second fixes the park needed. While the team said that such measures weren't necessary, a water main leak in the visiting locker room showers over the weekend showed that, perhaps, the trip was well advised. That's, perhaps, the cost of hiring a firm that has never before constructed a ballpark to build a stadium. This is also reflected in the rather pedestrian dimensions of the ballpark. Analysis has shown that the depths should favor no one. Not pitchers, not hitters, the park is perhaps the Platonic ideal for defining park values writ large in grass and diamond.

However, while there are drawbacks to hiring a freshman park design firm, there is one key advantage. Perhaps Caret Construction didn't entirely know what should be done when constructing a ballpark, they also weren't hindered by any typical notions of what shouldn't be done. Site lines from the street onto the field? Sure. Walls constructed out of pure diamond? Why not? A western exposure that may allow the occasional home run to splash down in the West Loch? Sure, go for it.

The stadium itself looks something like a cresting wave, frozen in the moment before it crashes into the beach. One might expect to see a surfer riding the great rise, or expect to see fish swimming beneath. No surfers, however there are several tanks throughout the stadium, voids in the diamond structure in shapes that cause the water to blend in. Swimming among the artificial reefs are the bounty of the Pacific Ocean, with a special tank for humuhumunukunukuapua'a behind home plate.

The tickets are sold. Now all that's left is for the the Kula Sox and visiting Nevada Jacks to take the field. The team is keeping tight wraps on their pregame ceremonies, especially who will throw out the first pitch. The first pitch of the game itself will be thrown by David Gutiérrez around 7:05pm Hawaii Time.


For anyone curious, this is where I mentally placed the old and new parks.

The North Shore Kahuna stadium would be right around here.

And as long as I'm procrastinating...

The Hilo A'a have a stadium on the grounds of Hilo University, and the Maui Kapua have a stadium at Baldwin Park.

Huntsville Rocketeers play, appropriately enough, just outside Redstone.

Team Press Releases / The Censored Thoughts of Hector Proano
« on: July 02, 2013, 05:06:18 AM »
I know, last time I started one of these threads, I didn't keep it updated that well. Gonna try again, but going from the opposite end of the draft class...

F***ing Tom Cartwright. Seriously. "We should crash the draft, it'd be funny. Our names get called and no one expects us to be there. Then we insist on going on stage. It'll be hilarious." Yeah. Great. Hilarious when f***ing Tom Cartwright gets drafted in the third round and I get to sit there like an ***hole through the entire draft with some limp d*** in a Shore cap sitting next to me asking what team I'm a fan of? Why I'm not cheering any of the picks? Do I know that guy who crashed the stage? Seriously, dude, f*** off once in awhile.

So there's this thing happens in the league. Draft's over, but some guys like me still want to play baseball. So there's this perverse feeding frenzy, all the team executives falling over each other to sign them. Tom once said it was like watching a bunch of guys see who can eat a s*** sandwich the fastest. Which isn't nearly so funny when you're the s*** in that sandwich. Agent tells me that I got picked up by Hawaii. Tries to sound all excited, like I was going to the islands instead of shipping off to Alabama. Then I hear I wasn't even their first pick. They wanted some jack*** named Francisco Carrizal. Who the f*** is Francisco Carrizal?

Agent says keep my chin up. Says Alfonso Font went undrafted. Yeah, so do dozens of guys every season, and I only heard of one Alfonso F***ing Font.

So here I am, some middle of the road team's second pick among what was left over after everyone was done picking the players they actually wanted. Hooray for me.

Free Agent/NYSL Claims / Hawaii ACTUALLY claims Héctor Proano
« on: July 02, 2013, 04:35:18 AM »
Not that other guy. Who I hear once kicked a puppy.

Free Agent/NYSL Claims / Hawaii claims P Francisco Carrizal
« on: July 02, 2013, 04:08:28 AM »

General Discussion / 2052 Playoff Thread
« on: June 10, 2013, 05:40:53 AM »
League Quarterfinals:

Founding Fathers League:

3. Illinois-3 v 6. Tennessee-4
Game 1: TN-3, @IL-0
Game 2: @IL-10, TN-9 (10)
Game 3: @TN-6, IL-4
Game 4: IL-5, @TN-2
Game 5: @TN-4, IL-2
Game 6: @IL-10, TN-5
Game 7: TN-2, @IL-1
    4. Michigan-2 v 5. Massachusetts-4
Game 1: MA-5, @MI-4
Game 2: MA-5, @MI-1
Game 3: @MA-3, MI-2
Game 4: MI-9, @MA-8 (11)
Game 5: MI-3, @MA-2 (10)
Game 6: MA-11, @MI-2

Great Explorers League:

4. Minnesota-4 v 5. Washington-1
Game 1: @MN-4, WA-2
Game 2: WA-7, @MN-1
Game 3: MN-3, @WA-2
Game 4: MN-3, @WA-1
Game 5: MN-5, @WA-5
    3. Colorado-4 v 6. Kansas-3
Game 1: KS-5, @CO-4 (10)
Game 2: @CO-3, KS-0
Game 3: CO-4, @KS-3
Game 4: @KS-7, CO-6
Game 5: @KS-4, CO-2
Game 6: @CO-6, KS-4
Game 7: @CO-7, KS-5

League Semifinals:

Founding Fathers League:
1. Virginia-4 v 6. Tennessee-3
Game 1: @VA-4, TN-0 (10)
Game 2: TN-7, @VA-1
Game 3: VA-6, @TN-3
Game 4: @TN-5, VA-4
Game 5: VA-9, @TN-0
Game 6: TN-4, @VA-1
Game 7: @VA-5, TN-4 (10)
    2. Pennsylvania-4 v 5. Massachusetts-1
Game 1: MA-7, @PA-5
Game 2: @PA-5, MA-0
Game 3: PA-5, @MA-2
Game 4: PA-1, @MA-0
Game 5: PA-12, @MA-0
Great Explorers League:
1. Wisconsin-4 v 4. Minnesota-2
Game 1: @WI-2, MN-0
Game 2: MN-2, @WI-0
Game 3: @MN-4, WI-3
Game 4: WI-3, @MN-2
Game 5: WI-6, @MN-2
Game 6: @WI-2, MN-0
    2. New Mexico-4 v 3. Colorado-2
Game 1: @NM-3, CO-1
Game 2: @NM-4, CO-2
Game 3: @CO-9, NM-4
Game 4: @CO-6, NM-5
Game 5: NM-3, @CO-2 (14)
Game 6: @NM-8, CO-7

League Championship Series

Founding Fathers CS
1. Virginia-4 v 2. Pennsylvania-2
Game 1: PA-9, @VA-2
Game 2: @VA-5, PA-4
Game 3: VA-10, @PA-3
Game 4: VA-9, @PA-5
Game 5: @PA-7, VA-6
Game 6: @VA-5, PA-1
        Great Explorers CS
1. Wisconsin-3 v 2. New Mexico-4
Game 1: @WI-3, NM-0
Game 2: @WI-6, NM-5 (12)
Game 3: WI-5, @NM-4
Game 4: @NM-9, WI-5
Game 5: @NM-13, WI-3
Game 6: NM-7, @WI-5
Game 7: NM-2, @WI-0


Virginia-4 v New Mexico-2
Game 1: @VA-7, NM-4
Game 2: NM-4, @VA-1
Game 3: VA-6, @NM-5 (10)
Game 4: VA-2, @NM-0
Game 5: @NM-5, VA-2
Game 6: @VA-9, NM-2

General Discussion / Weird question...
« on: May 20, 2013, 11:12:16 AM »
I've never seen it in the settings, and it's never even come up as a "hey, maybe you could add this feature" item on the boards but...does OOTP allow for barnstorming teams? Like, as a setting without someone having to go in and futz with the schedules? I'm...asking for a friend.

General Discussion / 2051 Playoff Thread
« on: March 25, 2013, 06:44:36 AM »
Haven't done one of these in awhile. Should be able to keep it updated this post season...

Play-In Game:

Tennessee-2 @ New Jersey-1

Wild Card Round:

Founding Fathers League:
Pennsylvania-4 v Tennessee-2
Game 1: @PA-7, TN-6
Game 2: @PA-8, TN-7
Game 3: @TN-5, PA-3
Game 4: PA-7, @TN-0
Game 5: @TN-5, PA-2
Game 6: @PA-2, TN-1
    Illinois-2 v Massachusetts-4
Game 1: MA-5, @IL-0
Game 2: @IL-3, MA-2
Game 3: IL-5, @MA-2
Game 4: @MA-9, IL-6
Game 5: @MA-5, IL-2
Game 6: MA-3, @IL-2
Great Explorers League:
Washington-0 v Minnesota-4
Game 1: MN-5, @WA-3
Game 2: MN-5, @WA-4
Game 3: @MN-6, WA-4
Game 4: @MN-8, WA-3
    Hawai'i-4 v Kansas-1
Game 1: @HI-1, KS-0
Game 2: @HI-2, KS-1
Game 3: HI-3, @KS-2
Game 4: @KS-5, HI-3
Game 5: HI-1, @KS-0

League Semifinals:

Founding Fathers League:
Virginia-2 v Massachusetts-4
Game 1: @VA-5, MA-0
Game 2: MA-4, @VA-3
Game 3: @MA-2, VA-0
Game 4: @MA-3, VA-1
Game 5: VA-6, @MA-3
Game 6: MA-6, @VA-5
    Michigan-2 v Pennsylvania-4
Game 1: @MI-8, PA-5
Game 2: PA-6, @MI-4
Game 3: @PA-10, MI-9
Game 4: @PA-6, MI-1
Game 5: MI-5, @PA-2
Game 6: PA-6, @MI-5
Great Explorers League:
Idaho-1 v Minnesota-4
Game 1: MN-10, @ID-3
Game 2: MN-4, @ID-1
Game 3: ID-5, @MN-2
Game 4: @MN-5, ID-3
Game 5: @MN-3, ID-2
    New Mexico-4 v Hawai'i-0
Game 1: @NM-5, HI-2
Game 2: @NM-2, HI-1
Game 3: NM-14, @HI-1
Game 4: NM-3, @HI-2

League Championship Series

Founding Fathers CS
Pennsylvania-2 vs Massachusetts-4
Game 1: MA-4, @PA-2
Game 2: MA-6, @PA-4
Game 3: PA-6, @MA-1
Game 4: PA-7, @MA-3
Game 5: @MA-7, PA-3
Game 6: MA-10, @PA-6
        Great Explorers CS
New Mexico-1 vs Minnesota-4
Game 1: @NM-4, MN-2
Game 2: MN-6, @NM-2
Game 3: @MN-4, NM-1
Game 4: @MN-1, NM-0
Game 5: @MN-4, NM-0


Minnesota-1 v Massachusetts-4
Game 1: MA-9, @MN-3
Game 2: @MN-6, MA-2
Game 3: @MA-5, MN-4 (13)
Game 4: @MA-3, MN-2 (14)
Game 5: @MA-7, MN-6 (13)

General Discussion / Over/Under Graphs
« on: March 01, 2013, 08:57:20 AM »
Didn't want to muck up the main thread, but since I've made these, I might as well share them. I might update them every in-game month or so, but I can't promise. Colors are based mostly on cap colors. Only allowed on attachment per post...

Team Press Releases / Hawaii 2051-2052
« on: February 13, 2013, 09:11:07 AM »
Kula Sox Home Opener Marred By Protests

When discussing fireworks at most major league ballparks, one tends to think of pyrotechnics after a win. Or long shots into the stands. While the Kula Sox home opener saw both of these, the real fireworks were in the stands as supporters for the Titan separatist movement took over a tribute to wounded veterans of the prolonged conflict.

Though a series of proximities, the Kula Sox being the closest professional team in any sport to Pearl Harbor, itself the closest limb regeneration facility to the Pacific Spacelaunch Platform, the team has made a habit of offering tickets for each home game to members of the Unified Earth Space Forces undergoing care at the Inouye Memorial Medical Center. The team traditionally asks fans to observe moment of silence for lost troops during the middle of the third and salute the men and women of the Space Forces in attendance during the middle of the fourth.

During the moment of silence at the Monday afternoon home opener, however, the quiet was broken by a small group of protestors shouting "Titan for Titans!" They were drowned out by a stream of boos from their surrounding section which led quickly to confusion through the stadium. Those who were seated near the pro-Titan protestors were interviewed as hearing the chanting, but on the far side of the stadium only the boos meant to drown out the initial protests could be heard, leading many to believe that a much larger pro-Titan contingency was booing troops lost in the war.

Walter Alo was one of those on the far side of the stadium. "I didn't hear anything to start the boos. I just know the PA called for a moment of silence, scoreboard went black, then there were boos. Seems damned disrespectful, even if they were trying to boo down someone else."

The stadium's public address announcer attempted to restore some calm by repeating his call for the moment of silence, but by that time Kula Sox third baseman Alex Orozco was warming up at the plate and the home base umpire was signaling a return to play. The Kula Sox went down in order on just eight pitches, giving the fans no real distraction from the incident in the middle of the third. After an equally quick top of the fourth inning, it was time for the salute to the troops present. The crowd of 44,611 cheered the four Space Forces present, forgetting for a moment the disruption of the moment of silence.

It was then another pro-Titan protestor took the moment to run in front of the four, displayed on the massive Hooks West OLED, trailing a banner with a pro-Titan statement. The crowd's cheers turned immediately. The protestor himself was stopped by several fans seated near the Space Forces troops, causing a ruckus only stopped by the intervention of stadium security and the expulsion from Hooks West of all those involved, protestor and fans alike.

The banner-toting protestor has been identified as a season ticket holder for the Kula Sox, who issued a statement. "We have rescinded the individual's ticket license, and will be using his forfeited seat to provide more tickets to the Inouye Center. The team supports its fans having diverse opinions about the current military action on Titan, but any disagreements must be handled with decorum and dignity. The actions of the individual in question put many at risk and disrupted what is meant to be a fun day out at the ballpark."

The Kula Sox went on to win the game by a score of 2-0. The identity of the banner carrying protestor will remain officially censored to prevent further rewarding his actions with official recognition.

Free Agent/NYSL Claims / Hawaii claims SS Denny "The Diner Man" Foster
« on: February 07, 2013, 05:12:14 AM »
Yup yup yup. Serve him up on a skillet to Huntsville.

Trades / Illinois - Hawaii contingent trade
« on: February 06, 2013, 03:22:41 PM »
Normally I'd do this all behind the scenes, but since I have a five month old who started teething yesterday I can't guarantee that I'll make it to the live draft...

Illinois and Hawaii have agreed on a draft pick trade that is contingent on a specific player still being available when Hawaii's first pick comes up at 1.6. I will send that player name to Chappy via private message. If the player is available, the following is the agreement:

Hawaii sends:
Pick 1.6

Illinois sends:
Pick 1.9
Pick 1.23

General Discussion / Strange question...
« on: January 11, 2013, 11:33:29 AM »
I've been thinking about the combination of science fiction and baseball after that brief bit about the Titan war in the 2050 thread. I was mentally working on a post about Hawaii hosting returning troops staying at the limb regeneration center in Honolulu when a thought occurred to me...

...if limb regeneration was possible, would baseball players who'd get Tommy John surgery in 2013 instead get therapeutic arm amputations? I mean, it's a hypothetical technology so I suppose it depends on the rules we create for the regeneration process. But it's an oddly morbid notion.

Oh god, and considering the memorabilia market that already exists for game-worn jerseys. Game used arms, each with the little silver MLB authenticity sticker.

General Discussion / 2047 Playoff Thread
« on: May 30, 2012, 10:52:41 AM »
League Quarterfinals:

1. Illinois4129xxx
8. Michigan105512xxx
2. Pennsylvania28786xx
7. Tennessee37473xx
3. Ohio39442xx
6. Maryland22821xx
4. North Carolina09223xx
5. New Jersey25357xx
1. Kansas3410502x
8. Louisiana633151x
2. Colorado6476xxx
7. Nevada5210xxx
3. Washington2273xxx
6. New Mexico1071013xxx
4. Minnesota521461x
5. California443652x

League Semifinals:

Founding Fathers League:
5. New Jersey v 8. Michigan
Game 1: MI @ NJ
Game 2: MI @ NJ
Game 3: NJ @ MI
Game 4: NJ @ MI
Game 5: NJ @ MI (if necessary)
Game 6: MI @ NJ (if necessary)
Game 7: MI @ NJ (if necessary)
   2. Pennsylvania v 3. Ohio
Game 1: OH @ PA
Game 2: OH @ PA
Game 3: PA @ OH
Game 4: PA @ OH
Game 5: PA @ OH (if necessary)
Game 6: OH @ PA (if necessary)
Game 7: OH @ PA (if necessary)
Great Explorers League:
1. Kansas v 5. California
Game 1: CA @ KS
Game 2: CA @ KS
Game 3: KS @ CA
Game 4: KS @ CA
Game 5: KS @ CA (if necessary)
Game 6: CA @ KS (if necessary)
Game 7: CA @ KS (if necessary)
   2. Colorado v 6. New Mexico
Game 1: NM @ CO
Game 2: NM @ CO
Game 3: CO @ NM
Game 4: CO @ NM
Game 5: CO @ NM (if necessary)
Game 6: NM @ CO (if necessary)
Game 7: NM @ CO (if necessary)

League Championship Series

Founding Fathers CS
Game 1: TBD
Game 2: TBD
Game 3: TBD
Game 4: TBD
Game 5: TBD (if necessary)
Game 6: TBD (if necessary)
Game 7: TBD (if necessary)
       Great Explorers CS
Game 1: TBD
Game 2: TBD
Game 3: TBD
Game 4: TBD
Game 5: TBD (if necessary)
Game 6: TBD (if necessary)
Game 7: TBD (if necessary)


Game 1: TBD
Game 2: TBD
Game 3: TBD
Game 4: TBD
Game 5: TBD (if necessary)
Game 6: TBD (if necessary)
Game 7: TBD (if necessary)

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